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My Family

My Dad, Sivasubramaniam Subbiah, is a Civil Engineer working for the Tamil Nadu Housing Board, Chennai, India in the capacity of an Assistant executive Engineer. So engineering is in my genes I guess. I owe a lot to my Dad who has always been a source of inspiration to me. Though short-tempered, he has never lost his cool with me! 



My Mom, Parvathi Sivasubramaniam,  is a Mathematician! She is a Professor at the Ramanujam Institute of Advanced Mathematics, Chepauk, Chennai. My mom has always pampered me! She has for 21 years patiently catered to my every whim and fancy! She is a typical absent-minded professor who likes doodling on a piece of paper a lot! 


My bro, Subbiah Sivasubramaniam,  is a cool guy. A charmer, as most of our relatives call him, he is easy going and party loving. He is an Architect working for CRN a prestigious architectural firm in Chennai. He has an excellent way with people and is very very focused. I am always in awe of his thirst to excel and succeed.



Ok, now this is moi, yours truly, Manthram. I am known to my friends as Arjun or to even closer ones as Thakkali (translated in english as Tomato! -- don't ask me why?). To know more about me visit all the links in my page... What I am is what you see on these pages. Check out my Resume!