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        Hi folks! The single most coveted thing in our country, after the Prime ministerial chair, is of course a degree in the US of A. An average Indian child dreams of being a cricket icon, an average Indian teenager spends his adolescent days longing to be a matinee idol and an average Indian adult aspires for a degree from a reputed institute in the “land of opportunities” or for a software job in Silicon Valley. “Chalo America” is the mantra on every parent’s lips and the Indian youth is mesmerized by “Dollar dreams”.

        Brain Drain screams the press, “It’s my life and it’s my brain” rebuff the youth. “What about your country and its people?” ask the older generation, pat comes the answer “I will be working for the people of this world”. Is this really an altruistic sentiment or is it nothing but self-consolation. Does anyone really know…

        It is not for me to decide or point fingers, cause I too have this so called “American Dream”. But I would like to say one thing before proceeding on with brass tacks. DARE TO DREAM BUT PLEASE CARE TO COME BACK!!!!

        About a year back I was in your position (assuming the surfer is an MS aspirant) To GRE or not to GRE that was the question! Anyway I GRE - d and am now pursuing my MS. This was by no means " the path less traveled" but I assure you that it would be one hell of a path to travel!



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