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        One thing common in almost all homepages is a page devoted to photographs. I do not beg to differ! This album is an assorted mix of the new and the old. I have attempted to chronologically list the photos. As you go through the different sections you would be traveling with me in some of the most unforgettable moments of my life. I have to warn you, you might be in for an overdose of nostalgia. 


Era Description
School Zone!  

How many times have my teachers told me "You would appreciate school life only when you are out of school". How very true. Especially if you are from St. Michael's Academy you are bound to miss it. 

It is indeed a tragedy that I do not have enough snaps to recreate my school life completely. This section has just a handful of snaps courtesy of Rashna , Sridhar and Kalyan. 

College life

I did my under grad at Anna University, Chennai, India. College life always evoked mixed emotions in me. Happiness, sorrow, dejection, pride, motivation, boredom, despair, hope ... I have in this page of my album tried to recreate the "mosaic" of college life. 

The mosaic I refer to includes not only the different facets of an engineering student's life but also the people viz my classmates! In all the pictures you can see smiling happy faces! So powerful is the human element in the pictures that the background fades into oblivion. You can hardly notice that each snap is at a different location. All that remains in your mind is that there are lots of people having fun! Isn't that what life is all about...

Friends   The one thing that I could proudly claim to be my life's achievement so far is to have made lasting friends. I can go on forever talking philosophy and load this page with sentimental gibberish about friends and friendships! But then again I am sure you must know all that yourself. 

Incidentally my favorite show on TV is "Friends". 

Home & Family These snaps were taken just before I left India for the Land of Opportunities. It was an occasion to remember with almost all my relatives turning up to wish me luck before setting forth on my new adventure. 
Graduate Life Graduate life in the US of A really makes a man out of a boy. The first 21 years of my life I had no worries -- be it financial, emotional, social or academical. Graduate life has brought in all of them and all at once. It is indeed great fun and an unique challenge.

The early phase of my life at the US of A is covered in this era. Fall 2000 to be precise. Snaps of my school The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio my appartment and my initial travels in this vast country can be viewed here.

Winter Break For most of the time graduate life sucks! But during the breaks we really forget everything and have a wild wild time! Winter break was fantastic with friends from literally all corners of the USA coming over to Columbus! Snaps were taken by K.S. Aravind, Cornell USA, Niranjan V. UFL, Vijay G. SUNY, Binghampton and AK, OSU.
Spring Break Spring break trip to Washington D.C. and Pittsburgh!
Summer Special  These snaps were taken immediately after spring quarter got over. They were taken with my friend Shameem's cool digital camera. It has an awesome resolution, so dont miss these pics of Columbus, my apartment, OSU and of my friends.
School Zone II Some more school snaps!!
Cedar Point trip These snaps were taken at cedar point. An amazement park that is totally amazing! It has the worlds tallest and fastest roller coaster.
New dad Mukil's first few days on planet earth. Captured by my brother Arun, myself and friends Harinath and Prassana